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The Awakened Heart Project

The Awakened Heart Project is a 52 week series that will help you to release your fears, awaken your heart, and grow into the person you were meant to be.

The series will include a weekly “Life Lessons”, posted every Monday that will challenge you to reflect on your life and help you do some soul searching. At the end of every lesson, or post, there will be a question asked of you. This is meant to help guide the introspective process, and assist in helping you “awaken your heart”. Further, every post will include beautiful images and inspirational quotes!

Participants are encouraged to journal, engage in conversation by commenting on posts, and to actively reflect after each posts.  If you’re a blogger, you may even blog about a post and discuss it with your readers (If you do, please link back so more people can get involved). Of course, these are just suggestions. This project is meant to help others grow, but everyone will do that in their own way and at their own pace.

Registration for The Awakened Heart Project is closed for the year. However, follow the blog for the opportunity to participate in 2014. With An Open Heart will be going through some major changes in the coming months! Stay tuned!!!


Nina Shadi

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  1. Anonymous #

    You may have already found the Institute of Heart Math…?

    May 18, 2014

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