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A New Perspective on Making a Career in Your 20s


I just completed a guest post for a great blog called 20 Somethings in 2013: Stories of men and women in their twenties  about my experience in the career world since graduating from college. When the author, David, first asked me to write a segment about my journey thus far, I was a bit apprehensive and surprised. Why? because my journey as been very different from most of my peers. I wrote back to David and explained that I would be happy to write something, but I wanted him to understand that my experiences, and choices have been very different from my peers and I wanted to make sure that he understood that others may not find my story as helpful or insightful. To my surprise, David still wanted my contribution. Pretty cool! You can check it out HERE.

One of the great aspects of this blog is that it features posts written by twenty-somethings who discuss their experiences and opinions about beginning a career in this economy. There’s a lot of diversity which I really love about the featured “20 somethings”.

If you’re in your 20’s, just starting out, or simply interested in the many careers and career pathways people are seeking in todays world, I recommend checking it out. It has a lot of great information as well as great bios from other 20 somethings.

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Help Create Happiness. Help Jessica Meet Bieber!

My sister Jessica, who is 28 and has Down Syndrome was diagnosed with breast cancer almost three months ago. There have been many ups and downs along the way, but by far, she is inspirational in her spirits. She is amazing in so many ways. In everything she’s been forced to go through, her main complaint has never been cancer, but simply, missing work. She always repeats, “My associates need me. I have to work. I can’t go to the doctors”. She’s simply the sweetest. She deserves the world. Read more

[FEATURED POST] Vulnerability at the Core: When Your Sister is Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

with an open heart . Down Syndrome

Tuesday, July 31st began like any other day. I studied in the morning, went to work in the afternoon, and came home. When I arrived home, I talked to my mom about my day, said hello to my sister Jessica, who has Down syndrome and who was coloring at the kitchen table, and then I went up to my room to grab a couple things before heading back down to the kitchen to have a snack. As I made my way down to the kitchen, my mom softly called to me from the top of the stairs, “Nina, can you come here a second?” I continued on, and yelled up to her, “What is it?” Again, my mom says, “Nina, can you please just come here a second? I need to talk to you about something”. What? I thought. My stomach sank. That sick feeling that lingers in your gut when you’ve done something wrong and you’re about to get caught ran through me. I immediately felt like I did as a kid, -especially as a teenager, when I was about to face a major lecture and punishment for whatever terrible deed I had committed. My mind began to scramble: What did I do? Read more