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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

There are so many different interpretations of “delicate”. It seems impossible to even include the best ideas of this term in just one post. The first thing I thought of when reading The Daily Post, Weekly Photo Challenge was: a child. But since this was already alluded to in the challenge post itself, I decided to go in a different direction.

The next few things that came to mind were: flower petals, bubbles (which I love playing with, with the children I care for), and animal life. For instance, a tiny turtle I saw this past summer while running and a picture I took of a caterpillar that same day. Also, how tiny my kitten was when we decided to take him in after his mother abandoned him in our shed. He was just  4 weeks old  and weighed just 400 grams (YES! Be bottle fed that little fluff). So, for this post, “delicate” are things that are tiny, soft, and easily destroyed items; and with the exception of bubbles, need nurturing in order to survive. I hope you enjoy them!!


with an open heart. vulnerability. photography

Tiny kitten

with an open heart.

Delicate Baby Kitten

With an Open Heart blog. Delicate

With an Open Heart blog

Magdon the mouse cat

With an Open Heart blog.

With an open heart blog

With an Open Heart Blog

with an open heart blog

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

This is my first Weekly Photo Challenge and I’m kind of excited about it! I love photography so these sorts of activities are quite for me. However, when I saw that the challenge was about “changing seasons”, I thought, “Uh, noooo!!! I don’t like changing seasons!” I live in Minnesota, so changing seasons this time of year means snow, cold, ice, gray skies, more snow, shovels, shivers, and more cold  (I really do need to live in warmer climate). Every year I think, this is the year I will not hate winter, but then it snows, and all I see is gray and all I feel is cold. Isn’t it ironic that just as I opened up my computer, and began looking over the Weekly Photo Challenge, my eyes were drawn to the window, where in that moment, snow had begun slowly falling out of the gray sky.

Weekly Photo Challenge- Changing Seasons. Snowy Day

Weekly Photo Challenge-Changing Seasons. Snowy Day2

Snowfall Minnesota.

Snowfall at night. with an open heart blog

A Progression of Snowfall in Minnesota taken over 24 hours




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