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Life is Hard, But So Very Beautiful!

Life is hard. Sometimes very hard. But it’s amazingly beautiful as well. If you open your eyes, and your heart, you’ll find there’s beauty in just about everything. Many of those moments, words, or experiences that hold immense beauty to me, cannot be captured in an image or a photograph.
For instance, the sound of a child laughing. Read more

The Experiences That Don’t Come Around Everyday Should Be Cherished

This post is a bit atypical I suppose, but I felt it was actually more relevant than not. Almost a year ago, I took a trip to Thailand with my friend Gina that was nothing short of amazing. We traveled through Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, and Phanang Bay. Thailand was simply amazing in so many ways. It was a trip that I desperately NEEDED at the time. I was working far too much, juggling a course load that was far more difficult than I had ever imagined, and I was completely and totally burnt out. This trip was a great refresher; the much needed relaxation that helped me get back to reality and a hold of my life again. Read more

[FEATURED POST] Happy Birthday to My Sister Jessica: The Epitome of Unconditional Love, and Living With an Open Heart.

with an open heart

with an open heart

with an open heart

One of the most important people in my life is my older sister Jessica. Jessica was born with Down Syndrome and today is her 28th birthday. It’s hard to believe she is that old; she’s not even five feet tall, and still looks like a kid. She still acts like a kid actually, which is one of the wonderful things about Jessica. She is easily pleased, almost always happy, and see’s life through an endlessly positive lens. Read more