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Life is Hard, But So Very Beautiful!

Life is hard. Sometimes very hard. But it’s amazingly beautiful as well. If you open your eyes, and your heart, you’ll find there’s beauty in just about everything. Many of those moments, words, or experiences that hold immense beauty to me, cannot be captured in an image or a photograph.
For instance, the sound of a child laughing. Read more

Music is What Feelings Sound Like: A Beautiful Video of Music Changing the Mind of Old Man

The function of music is to release us from the

tyranny of conscious thought

~Sir Thomas Beecham

Music has always touched me in an emotional way. The musical gene runs in my family, and run through my blood. Music has simply always had a way with me. I feel it, and comprehend it in a way I cannot express fully with words; it’s just natural, I just get it. It’s not my many years of classical piano training. It’s something more. Music has the ability to reach me deep within my mind and soul.  Frankly, I cannot image a world without music. Life without any artistic expression would simply be dark.   Read more