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The Answer to The Chaos Became a Quiet Holy Mantra

Be still. 
Be still. 
Be still…

“…Learn to silence the chattering of your ego, whether through prayer, meditation, or a long walk in the park. Find that place where you can detach from the pressures of the world. Find that place where your body and spirit work together in harmony…You don’t need the right car, the right shoes, the right girl­friend to be complete. All you really need is to be yourself. Your spirit is the real you. Let it guide you…Be still. Listen to your spirit say, I am, and I am enough. In the silence, you’ll hear God…”


Although I align myself with beliefs that are more spiritual rather than religious and prefer using the term “universe” instead of God, this quote is simply beautiful no matter what higher power (or lack there of) you accept.

Find the place inside yourself where you can be still and just “be”. This is a place of acceptance, peace, and calm. In life, the constant chatter of the ego can be deafening and yet unnoticed at the same time. That is, without being conscious of the chatter of the ego, the ever-constant chatter of life becomes your “self”. However, when you can be still, when you can detach from the ego, what is unveiled is You, -in harmony, in calm, at peace.

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  1. Just found your blog, a beautiful and peaceful joint, I think. “Be still” is very good advice. We all live too much in our busy heads and too little in our quiet hearts. Will be following your blog. Thanks.

    April 18, 2012
    • Thank you for the comments! I do think most people are living in their heads away from the present moment. It’s something I struggle wtih, but I’m working on it!!


      April 18, 2012
      • Nina,

        Thanks for the reply. A ceaseless struggle for sure. Will look forward to future posts.


        April 19, 2012
  2. Thanks! Love the photos and the post…

    April 18, 2012

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