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Weekly Gratitude: The Harder I Tried to Be Grateful, The Less I Was!

Last week I started writing this “Weekly Gratitude”, post to keep my spirits up as my life quickly got crazy, to keep my mind focused on what matters most, and hopefully (both fingers crossed!) help myself let go a little and relax!  But all week I ended up struggling to figure out what I have to be grateful for, or at least that were worthy enough to write about. The harder I tried, the less I felt grateful. Writing this post became more of a chore that needed to be done perfectly, rather than a tool to help me reflect and relax a little. As I whined about this post to a friend, he said, “Nina, just be thankful that you’re even able to juggle your schedule right now”. Isn’t that the truth…

So here’s the rundown on my crazy life (of course this is subjective) that I keep mentioning. As of last Monday, I’m in the last stretch of my internship for my MS in mental health counseling. I have to complete 600 hours in two 10-week quarters, or 30 hours a week. And if I don’t complete the 300 hours in the first ten weeks, I fail and have to start back at zero! No pressure, no pressure. Thankfully, I can count hours during my three-week break, which makes the second quarter a little less daunting. On top of this, I have class to coincide with the internship.

And then, there’s work, work. Roughly 20-25 hours a week. What do I do you ask? I take care of babies! Love, Love, LOVE IT! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t moments when I want to pull my hair out!


Currently, I’m juggling fours family:


Family 1: Two girls, not quite 2.5 and 6 months.

Family 2: Two girls, 3.5 and 18 months.


My new additions….


Family 3: Twin boys, 11 months.

Family 4: Twins, boy and a girl, 20 months.



To all of you mothers out there:





So yes, I am thankful that I am able to juggle my schedule right now. However, I’m also thankful that I’m even in school and that I’ve been able to remain self-employed, with a flexible schedule while in school. To top it off, I’m thankful that not only are my families AMAZING and flexible with my schedule, their kids are WONDERFUL and a joy to care for!


Additionally, this week I am thankful for the following:


♦     That Saturday, my one day off, Mother Nature was good to me, and gave me a beautiful, sunny, 75-degree day, in a week full of cold and rain (it was 35 in Minnesota today. What?!). That’s really all I wanted on Saturday, and I got it, so I can’t complain there.


♦    I am also thankful for Readability , one of the coolest apps ever! If you love to read, you will love this!! Do you constantly bookmark articles, blogs, etc. on your phone/computer to read later but hate the clutter it creates? You need to download this! It takes anything you want saved, formats it more clearly so you can read it without all the advertisements and junk, and saves it for you in the app, or computer. My FAVORITE part however, is that it sinks with not only my computer and my phone, but it send everything to my Kindle as well. LOVE! I’m sure I’m the last person to start using these kinds of helpful utilities, but I am SO excited I had to mention it!


♦      Finally, I must thank cravesadventure,one of my followers, for reminding me of how lucky I am to have my hearing. I posted a video in the post Music is What Feelings Sound Like: A Beautiful Video of Music Changing the Mind of Old Man  about the power of music and essentially how amazing and magical it can be. cravesadventure commented and stated, “After reading your post I am grateful and thankful for my hearing”. I’m embarrassed that I never thought of it that way. But yes, considering how important music is in my life, and that I can’t imagine a life without it, I too am immensely thankful for my hearing!


May you have a week of small pleasures and enjoyment that leave you thankful for each moment in your life.


Source: via Madelene on Pinterest

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