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The Battle Between Good and Evil

We all have both negative and positive attributes. We have good and evil sides. Most of us would readily admit that those negative aspects of ourselves, and our lives, are ones in which we wish we no longer befriended. Despite this truth, we often struggle to escape from the evil which resides so close to our hearts and our minds. It is no easy task to escape it, I know. It becomes apart of us. It’s so easy lose sight of the good at times, especially during times of grief and sorrow. But remember, that we can only breathe life into the things we feed.

with an open heart.

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  1. I have always loved that story. It is amazing to me how our culture has lost its belief that the things we feed our hearts and minds (through music, tv, books, etc..) will have no effect on us and our character.

    September 11, 2012

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