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Thank you for the Beautiful Blogger Award and The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The Beautiful Blogger Award

Almost three months back, I received The Beautiful Blogger Award from MeaningfulWesternLife,and The Very Inspiring Blog Award from Make Believe Boutique.  Despite my major delay in giving thanks, and passing this special award onto other great bloggers, I was, and still am thrilled to have received it. Better late than never right?

So let me just start by saying, THANK YOU, MeaningfulWesternLife, who writes about cultivating joy and meaning in a western society lifestyle, for thinking of me when sharing this award. Your blog was one of the first that I ever began reading and your words have been very inspirational, and meaningful to me. And THANK YOU Make Believe Boutique, who describes herself as a quiet and reflective artist, who continually seeks to understand the aesthetics of authenticity through gratitude, service, curiosity, creativity, beauty, and compassion.I have always enjoyed reading many of the simple, yet incredibly beautiful and enlightening post she has shared. She inspiring and the peaceful character which her words carry with them have always touch me.

Please take the time to check out both MeaningfulWesternLife and Make Believe Boutique as well as the wonderful blogs nominated below. Stop in, say hello, congratulate them, and let you heart be touched. Thank you again for the awards!


The rules of the Beautiful Blogger award are:

1.) Thank the one who nominated you by linking back

2.) Nominate five blogs

3.) Let your nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites

4.) Copy and paste the award image on your site

Here are the nominations for the Beautiful Blogger Award


The Open Heart Chronicles  


Always Well Within 


The Pen, The Sword, & The Mind 


Somewhere in Between 


Live Through the Heart 



Here are the nominations for The Very Inspiring Blog Award




Only Here Only Now  






Blue Heron Wisdom 



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  1. Thank you for honoring me and my blog. You’ve got a vibrant, free, open heart and spirit. LOVE it. ❤

    July 12, 2012
  2. Thank you for the nomination! Very appreciated.

    July 15, 2012

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